Rochus Campaigns

The assassinated half orc

We traveled to Dilpindar after the unsuccessful expeidition to Klun’s watch and while drinking picked up a bounty for the killer of a half orc in Oazavik.

When we arrived in Oazavik we spoke to the guard captain Condrad Mallardi about the murder and learned that the Half orc was poisoned in his prison cell.

The guard assigned to watch the cells at that time was a temporary guard named Jake who worked the night watch. Jakes’ papers were found to be suspect. asside from his general description of being 6 feet tall, average build, Age 27 and born in Paulinthal. two strange details were found. one was the mention of light skin and the other was the absence of a place of residence.

This missing detail should not have gotten past Rob, a member of the guard who is in charge of processing the temporary guard

Rob suggested that the ones who could have broken into their office and where the documents are stored are most likely to be members of the local thieves guild. Rob gave us their file on them. It lists a tavern keeper, some merchants, a few people with jail time, free now and most notable is a local noble called Mukarram Haider

the tavern keeper is called Atiyya Hanif of tavern Swirling Sands

talked to the tavern keeper
“Sheikh Aarzam bin Zulqurnayn Al Amirmoez, the leader of Oazavik Caliphate. You seriously haven’t heard of him?” she thinks “You’re not from around here are you?”

the Caliphate is he governing body of Oazavik, a remnant of the khedesh empire that fell some 20 years ago

With a clever ploy of dropping Jake’s name to Atiyya, saying we are wanting him to not know we are here and paying for a room with 10 gold pieces he baited the guild to attack us in our room. we killed one and captured 2. the last escaped.

searching their persons we found they had a knife, a few coins and a black disk with a drop of dried blood on it. the black disk made of obsidian is magical. part of some dark ritual involving blood to bind members. the were very adamant about it not being broken. the blood on them belongs to someone else

under threat to break their disk they revealed they were sent by the thieves guild and Alexis Beau Pre.

It seems each disk is linked to a member and breaking one might kill the linked member



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