Rochus Campaigns

The assassinated half orc part 2

After interrigating Atiyya we learned that jake is a fake name Alexis used. And he is in the catacombs. Has strange teeth, prefers the night and has pale skin

We entered the temple of Lathander, god ot birth and renewal and spoke to a cleric
 Abdul Hayy, learned that Alexis is most likely an undead.
He suggested we try the temple of Dol Dorn. A cleric called Holger Degen offered us help after some convincing and offered us the aid of two paladins Rochie and Bilyen

We ventured into the catacombs and did battle with the vampire but he was too great a challenge. We managed to retreat with both paladins who now can attest to the vampire’s existence and bring the full might of their order on this problem



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