Rochus Campaigns

From Palderton to Dilpindar

The epic journey of 3 kobolds.

The three kobolds, Kyen, TeHazathant and Rylarth, set off to meet up with Balthazar, but ran into mysterious monster hunting guild in Palderton. After telling them to stuff it, they went to Dilpindar and found Balthazar, who had been adventuring in the desert, whereupon new adventures await.

balthazar mentioned of a fort where legendary men trained in the slaying of Purple worms. the place is called Sand Dragon Fort.
The group embarked for the fort and came across a hobgoblin patrol and then found the fort occupied by the hobgoblins

With a little trickery the fort was cleared of the goblin menace. inside we found a elvish woman who was in great despair and suffering. we helped cloth her and feed her before venturing down into the basement where we found a kobold prisoner.

Freeing the prisoner and slaying the remaining hobgoblins to find out exit blocked by a devil. a pitched battle was had where Kyen Shon like a bright sun and smote the devil in a flurry of blows.

Left for the Sand dragon fort
On the way encountered a patrol of hobgoblins, later we found the fort ot be occupied by them. We cleared them out and met an elf woman named Tienna,

Loot found

Ground Floor
40 cp, 900 sp, 2200 gp, 20pp, Amethyst (100 gp), 2 x Coral (100 gp), Garnet (100 gp), 3 x Jade (100 gp), Spinel (100 gp), Exalted metal ring(magic Ring of Evasion DMG pg191) set with bloodstones (500gp), Trident(magic+1 has 4, +1d4 every morning, charges of Dust Devil, which is found in EE_PC pg17),
longsword(magic only works for elves),
flute and rope in a basket(magical the flute to make the rope go up 50ft), Silk bathrobes (250gp), Ornate silver dagger (100gp)

600 cp, 11000 sp, 2000 gp, 90 pp, Ornate Silver Mirror set with Eye agate ( let’s you contact anyone you know who’s near a reflective surface) (250 gp), 
Platinum Cloth Pennant (250 gp), Rosewood Ewer (250 gp), Sable Boots (250 gp), 
Potion of Diminution, 2 Potions of greater healing, cambion’s saber (magical, demonbound When picked up one most roll a DC15 Charisma save or be overcome by bloodrage).

Rylarth was possessed by a bone sword

8146.4gp coinage in total


Dibs on bone sword.

Other than that I don’t really need anything except some money.

From Palderton to Dilpindar

TeHazathant Takes the Ornate silver mirror

From Palderton to Dilpindar

Kyen takes the ring of evasion

From Palderton to Dilpindar

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