Andraste Xiloscient



Class: Ranger hunter 8 Rogue 1
Level: 9
Age: 300
HP: 69

Andraste is a wood elf, with brown hair, blue eyes and copper skin. Prefered fighting style is long range using a bow, but is still competent with a sword.


Andraste was born into a elf tribal clan. They wandered a continent for years, later Andraste signed up to help fight the ever pressing orc hordes on the borders. After many years, the orcs broke through and ravaged the land. Andraste started looking for her tribe, she didn’t find them. But she found out that the tribe had been attacked and fleed in every direction. Having no more loyalties to her tribe she is now in seek of a new one.

She came to Rochus by boat, to look for elves.

Andraste Xiloscient

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