The Magic Sand

This purple substance can be found in sand gathered from the Khedeshi desert. However it is not omnipresent, appearing instead in larger or smaller patches, more commonly in the deep desert. The sand is valuable as it has multiple uses made possible by different processing methods:


The gathering of sand is a relatively simple thing, shovels and bags is all you need. Larger, industrial scale gathering is done by wizards and their muriad means.


After the sand is gathered it must be separated, this is primarily done with sieves, leaving magic sand of a purity of about 90%. This is good enough for most purposes, as the following methods help increase the purity level. In it’s filtered form it can be compressed into slabs of purple sandstone, or used for several magical purposes.


The filtered sand is placed into furnaces of varying sizes to further purify and turn it into an orange, craftable form, much like metals. Depending on the furnace temperature and additives, the result can either be a relatively sandy or fully metal like.

  • Sandy type: is used much like coal, either worked on to the surface of a metal creating sanded ‘metal’ or deep inside, like steel is made, for sand ‘metal’.
  • Metal type: The best unechanted crafting material available on Rochus, called by many names. The details of creating it are a tighly kept state secret, revealing of which carries the penalty of death. Only the highest lords can afford the original, though many inferior imitators exist.

Acid bathing:

Filtered sand is bathed in ankheg acid, giving it a blue colour and making it highly flammable. No other known acid is capable of doing this to the same degree. Useful for explosive purposes.

Other, as of yet unencountered processing ways may exist.

The Magic Sand

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