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The continent:

Rochus has varied biomes, from deserts to bogs, huge plains to thick forests and rocky ravines to high mountains. This has lead to several races settling there and splintering into factions over the large distances. Humans hold several kingdoms, while the dwarves are now forced to scrape by after losing their empire some 20 years ago. Hobgoblins invaded from the east, driving away the dwarves and destroying a human kingdom before settling down for a long time of seeming peace. Other races live among the human kingdoms or mostly forgotten in secret places.

Apart from being relatively easily habitable, the continent also holds a source of great wealth and power: the Magic Sands of the Khedeshi Desert. This resource drives a constant wedge between the major and minor powers of Rochus, but the Sand is not the the only thing that comes from the deep desert.
Locations, Races, Factions, The Magic Sand

Campaign timeline:

First weeks:
1st Adventuring Party:
Nicker Ballson, Thorvald Guthmundsson, Rhogar Delmirev, Balthazar + Andraste Xiloscient
2nd Adventuring Party:
3rd Adventuring party:
-Songbird, +Lyth +Richard
After the Pharaoh’s tomb:


Player Characters:


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