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From Palderton to Dilpindar
The epic journey of 3 kobolds.

The three kobolds, Kyen, TeHazathant and Rylarth, set off to meet up with Balthazar, but ran into mysterious monster hunting guild in Palderton. After telling them to stuff it, they went to Dilpindar and found Balthazar, who had been adventuring in the desert, whereupon new adventures await.

balthazar mentioned of a fort where legendary men trained in the slaying of Purple worms. the place is called Sand Dragon Fort.
The group embarked for the fort and came across a hobgoblin patrol and then found the fort occupied by the hobgoblins

With a little trickery the fort was cleared of the goblin menace. inside we found a elvish woman who was in great despair and suffering. we helped cloth her and feed her before venturing down into the basement where we found a kobold prisoner.

Freeing the prisoner and slaying the remaining hobgoblins to find out exit blocked by a devil. a pitched battle was had where Kyen Shon like a bright sun and smote the devil in a flurry of blows.

Left for the Sand dragon fort
On the way encountered a patrol of hobgoblins, later we found the fort ot be occupied by them. We cleared them out and met an elf woman named Tienna,

Loot found

Ground Floor
40 cp, 900 sp, 2200 gp, 20pp, Amethyst (100 gp), 2 x Coral (100 gp), Garnet (100 gp), 3 x Jade (100 gp), Spinel (100 gp), Exalted metal ring(magic Ring of Evasion DMG pg191) set with bloodstones (500gp), Trident(magic+1 has 4, +1d4 every morning, charges of Dust Devil, which is found in EE_PC pg17),
longsword(magic only works for elves),
flute and rope in a basket(magical the flute to make the rope go up 50ft), Silk bathrobes (250gp), Ornate silver dagger (100gp)

600 cp, 11000 sp, 2000 gp, 90 pp, Ornate Silver Mirror set with Eye agate ( let’s you contact anyone you know who’s near a reflective surface) (250 gp), 
Platinum Cloth Pennant (250 gp), Rosewood Ewer (250 gp), Sable Boots (250 gp), 
Potion of Diminution, 2 Potions of greater healing, cambion’s saber (magical, demonbound When picked up one most roll a DC15 Charisma save or be overcome by bloodrage).

Rylarth was possessed by a bone sword

8146.4gp coinage in total

To Badenfurt

After completing our quest of finding the halforcs murderer we set out on a new quest

We had heard that Badenfurt and Caliphate have formed a partnership in preparation for war. And that the hobgoblins are mobilising, spreading out hidden food caches and Khedesh has been in a constant sandstorm.

We traveled to Dilipdar but on the way were attacked by a purple worm. K’ta and Songbird were able to escape with her teleportation circle spell, though not before Andraste perished

K’ta and Songbird in mourning had a drink to her name. they left a message and sent a letter to Balthazar to inform him of Andraste’s death before moving on, deciding that it was time to go back to their homeland across the sea

The assassinated half orc part 2

After interrigating Atiyya we learned that jake is a fake name Alexis used. And he is in the catacombs. Has strange teeth, prefers the night and has pale skin

We entered the temple of Lathander, god ot birth and renewal and spoke to a cleric
 Abdul Hayy, learned that Alexis is most likely an undead.
He suggested we try the temple of Dol Dorn. A cleric called Holger Degen offered us help after some convincing and offered us the aid of two paladins Rochie and Bilyen

We ventured into the catacombs and did battle with the vampire but he was too great a challenge. We managed to retreat with both paladins who now can attest to the vampire’s existence and bring the full might of their order on this problem

The assassinated half orc

We traveled to Dilpindar after the unsuccessful expeidition to Klun’s watch and while drinking picked up a bounty for the killer of a half orc in Oazavik.

When we arrived in Oazavik we spoke to the guard captain Condrad Mallardi about the murder and learned that the Half orc was poisoned in his prison cell.

The guard assigned to watch the cells at that time was a temporary guard named Jake who worked the night watch. Jakes’ papers were found to be suspect. asside from his general description of being 6 feet tall, average build, Age 27 and born in Paulinthal. two strange details were found. one was the mention of light skin and the other was the absence of a place of residence.

This missing detail should not have gotten past Rob, a member of the guard who is in charge of processing the temporary guard

Rob suggested that the ones who could have broken into their office and where the documents are stored are most likely to be members of the local thieves guild. Rob gave us their file on them. It lists a tavern keeper, some merchants, a few people with jail time, free now and most notable is a local noble called Mukarram Haider

the tavern keeper is called Atiyya Hanif of tavern Swirling Sands

talked to the tavern keeper
“Sheikh Aarzam bin Zulqurnayn Al Amirmoez, the leader of Oazavik Caliphate. You seriously haven’t heard of him?” she thinks “You’re not from around here are you?”

the Caliphate is he governing body of Oazavik, a remnant of the khedesh empire that fell some 20 years ago

With a clever ploy of dropping Jake’s name to Atiyya, saying we are wanting him to not know we are here and paying for a room with 10 gold pieces he baited the guild to attack us in our room. we killed one and captured 2. the last escaped.

searching their persons we found they had a knife, a few coins and a black disk with a drop of dried blood on it. the black disk made of obsidian is magical. part of some dark ritual involving blood to bind members. the were very adamant about it not being broken. the blood on them belongs to someone else

under threat to break their disk they revealed they were sent by the thieves guild and Alexis Beau Pre.

It seems each disk is linked to a member and breaking one might kill the linked member

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